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Soviet Boots

Winter 100% FUR!!! Russian Combat Boots

Winter 100% FUR!!! Russian Combat Boots

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Russian spetsnaz winter soldier combat boots with 100% natural sheepskin fur inside

100% army item!

Spetsnaz - special troops for reconnaissance and other purposes

Material: 100% Leather and natural sheepskin fur 

Sizes in stock 40-46 (US 8-13.5)

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Condition: New

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Russian Winter Combat Tactical Boots with 100% natural fur inside: Warmth and Comfort for Winter Missions
Your Reliable Protection in Winter Conditions
Russian Winter Combat Tactical Boots with real fur inside are the perfect combination of functionality and comfort for winter conditions. These boots not only provide warmth, but are also great for everyday use and active lifestyles such as paintball or airsoft.

Advantages of Real Fur:
Warmth & Coziness: Real fur adds an extra layer of warmth and coziness, keeping you comfortable in the coldest conditions.

Breathability: Natural materials allow the skin to “breathe”, preventing overheating and excess moisture.

Antibacterial Properties: Real fur has natural antibacterial properties, promoting the health of your feet.

Durability and Elasticity: Fur provides flexibility and durability by adapting to the shape of the foot and ensuring the long life of the shoe.

Suitable for Any Lifestyle:
Russian Winter Combat Tactical Boots are ideal for everyday winter wear, providing confidence and comfort every step of the way. With their durable outsole and supportive structure, they are the ideal choice for active winter activities, be it paintball, airsoft or other activities.

Choose Russian Winter Combat Tactical Boots for unrivaled protection and comfort in the harshest winter conditions. Feel the difference when your shoes work for you.

Browse our collection and get ready for winter in comfort and style.

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