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Soviet Boots

Soviet Russian Winter Valenki Galoshi USSR Snow Shoes

Soviet Russian Winter Valenki Galoshi USSR Snow Shoes

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Vintage Soviet Russian valenki
All sizes, but before order please ask about your size avialable!
Made in USSR
These valenki is not modern, these is original USSR from old military stock.
Condition: New
Excellent for snow use, valenki made from natural felt and very warm.
Worldwide shipping: $40

“Welcome to the world of classic Russian felt boots Valenki- unique boots that embody not only tradition and style, but also a piece of history. Felt boots are a symbol of the Russian winter and unsurpassed comfort on cold days.

Valenki history goes back to ancient times, where felt boots Valenki were an integral part of the daily life of the Russian people. Made from felt, they were ideal for keeping you warm on the coldest days. During the Great Patriotic War, felt boots became not only a sign of comfort, but also reliable protection for soldiers in harsh winter conditions.

Classic Russian felt boots Valenki reflect elegance and functionality. Made from natural wool, traditional felting techniques and unique designs make each pair unique. Valenki have become an integral part of Russian culture, and to this day they enjoy deserved popularity.

In addition, our felt boots are complemented by galoshes, which provide additional protection from moisture and snow. Galoshes are made from rubber to maintain the beauty and functionality of boots even in the wet weather

Join the traditions and feel cozy and warm with our collection of classic Russian felt boots with galoshes. Made with a passion for detail and heritage, they're the perfect choice for winter walks and adding coziness to your life."

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