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Soviet Boots

Soldier Juft Low Boots Leather Shoes All Sizes

Soldier Juft Low Boots Leather Shoes All Sizes

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Soviet Russian military soldier low boots with classic military nails soles

Boots good for historical reenactment or every day use

Boots very high strong quality, for long years use

Made in USSR

Material: 100% Leather

36-47 sizes in stock

Please don't forget choose your size! 

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History of Durable Soviet Combat Boots"Tanks" Boots from the Great Patriotic War
Boots That Saved the Red Army in Hard Days
During the era of the Great Patriotic War, when standard tarpaulin boots had not yet become widespread, short Soviet boots became a real salvation for the Red Army. In the initial period of the war, when the German attack was unexpected, the Soviet army did not have time to produce a sufficient number of boots, and these boots became an invaluable solution.

Features of Soviet Combat Low Boots "Tanks":
Durable Yuft leather: The boots are made from durable and reliable cowhide for high durability.
Nail Sole: Brass nails in the sole provide a strong, secure grip.
Role in history: These boots became a symbol of salvation in the early stages of the war and were popular in the post-war years because of their durability.
Meaning in History:
In the face of a surprise German attack, these short Soviet boots played an important role in providing the Red Army soldiers with the necessary protection. Popularly called "tanks" due to their durability, they became an integral part of the war and post-war era, worn until the 1980s.

Symbol of Strength and Endurance:
These boots not only became an important part of military history, but also gained popularity among the people, becoming a symbol of strength and endurance. Feel the spirit of those times with our collection of Soviet Tanks boots - history that can be worn on your feet.

Check out our collection and join the heritage of the Soviet era!

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