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Soldier Classic Jack Boots All Sizes

Soldier Classic Jack Boots All Sizes

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Vintage Soviet Russian classic soldier boots sapogi

Made in USSR

Year: 1970-80s

Condition: New

Worldwide shipping: $35

All sizes avialable

35-43 sizes $60

44-48 sizes $70

Please don't forget choose your size!

"Take a trip back to the war era with our collection of Soviet kirza tarpaulin boots 'Sapogi', ideal for military reenactments, WWII and Afghan wars. These authentic Soviet Union kersey boots are an essential part of the look of reenactors who strive to embody the spirit and style of those historical periods.

Our Soviet kersey boots from original old military stocks provide comfort and durability, making them an ideal choice for those involved in military reenactment. These boots become a key element in creating visual verisimilitude in the reenactor's image, instilling realism and authenticity.

Join the ranks of collectors and historical enthusiasts by ordering our Soviet tarpaulin kirza boots sapogi right now. Give your military reenactment vitality and credibility with our selection of WWII and Afghan War inspired footwear!"

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