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Soviet Boots

Soldier Jack Boots WW2 Dot Soles Sapogi 39-43

Soldier Jack Boots WW2 Dot Soles Sapogi 39-43

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Antique Soviet Russian soldier boots with rare WW2 dot  soles

Year: 1960-70s

Boots has rare soles design ('dot') such WW2, this is first soles design on the soldier boots developed in 1939 for war

These boots are ideal for military WW2 reenactment because they as much as possible similar the boots the Great Patriotic War (1939-1945)

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Historical Kirza Boots WW2 'Dot' Soles Kirza Boots Sapogi: Move forward with Time with Reconstruction
Soldier Boots WW2 'Dot' Soles Kirza Sapogi: Maximum Authenticity for Reenactors
The dotted tarpaulin kersey or kirza boots known as the Soldier Boots WW2 'Dot' Soles Kirza Sapogi are a real value for re-enactors looking for the ultimate in authenticity in styling. This model is distinguished by its rarity and unique dotted sole with brass nails, which gives it a distinctive appearance.

Features of Soldier Boots WW2 'Dot' Soles Kirza Boots:
Dot Sole: Used by Red Army soldiers in World War II, this sole makes the boots as close to the originals as possible.
Brass Nails: A detail that adds historical accuracy and style.
History of the Dot Sole:
The dot sole on tarpaulin boots was in production from the 1940s until the 1970s, when it was replaced by the more standard "tractor" sole. This period is considered golden in the context of military history, and the dotted boots represent the spirit of those times.

Rarity and Uniqueness:
Today, such tarpaulin boots have become a rare find; there are only a few of them left. In our store you have a unique opportunity to acquire this authentic piece of history. Please pay attention to the availability of sizes in our assortment, as quantities are limited.

Join us on a journey through time and buy history with Soldier Boots WW2 'Dot' Soles Kirza Boots! Check size availability now and turn your interest in history into reality.

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