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Soviet Boots

Russian Army Boots Cream Polish Shoes

Russian Army Boots Cream Polish Shoes

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Special Russian polish cream for army boots

Color: Black

Net mass: 100gramm - 3.53 ounce

Condition: New

Made in Russia

Worldwide shipping: $10

“Welcome to the world of reliable protection and care for soldier military boots with our Russian special army cream, popularly known as Gutalin. This outstanding product is created to confidently support military boots, providing reliable protection and extending their service life.

Shoe polish is not just a cream, it is a reliable ally for your boots in the harshest conditions. Its unique formula provides superior moisture protection, providing a water-repellent effect, which is especially important during field operations.

The cream has a high penetrating ability, allowing it to act on the material of the boots from the inside and prevent them from drying out and cracking. Shoe polish also helps maintain the natural softness of the skin, preventing it from hardening.

Rest assured that your boots are under reliable protection with our Russian army shoe polish cream. Make a choice in favor of reliability and quality - choose Shoe polish for the long service of your shoes."

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