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Soviet Boots

Officer Riding Boots Darth Vader 501st Legion Star Wars

Officer Riding Boots Darth Vader 501st Legion Star Wars

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Vintage Soviet Russian classic officer riding boots

(in stock arrived 1 pair super rare big size 48, please check)

Year: 1970-80s Material: 100% natural leather soft and elastic with white natural leather inside. Soles: Leather

Color: Black

High quality!

Made in USSR

Factory: Severohod, Skorohod, Kiev..

У,С,Ш,ОШ Worldwide shipping: $35

Condition: New

"Explore elegance and style with our collection of Soviet officer riding boots, ideal for both military reenactments and Star Wars 501st cosplay fans. These vintage higest quality boots, with officer style inspiration, are used by officers in military reenactments and even star characters such as Darth Vader, imperial fighter pilot, Jedi Robe and Admiral Kendal Ozzel.

Reliable and stylish, Soviet officer riding equestrian boots add authenticity to your look and provide comfort when worn. They are becoming a wardrobe staple for Star Wars reenactors and fans alike, highlighting the attention to detail.

These versatile boots also find their place among equestrians, providing comfort and support while riding. Give your image and enthusiasm a new impetus - choose Soviet officer horse boots to highlight your style in any situation. Buy them now and feel the elegance in every step!"

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