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Soviet Boots

Russian Army Soldier Boots Kirza Sapogi 1990s Kersey Jack Boots

Russian Army Soldier Boots Kirza Sapogi 1990s Kersey Jack Boots

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Modern Russian soldier jack boots

Made in Russia

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"Welcome to a world of style and comfort with our collection of tarpaulin kirza boots, which deservedly became an icon of the early 1990s. While the nail sole was replaced by a modern one, these kersey boots retained their unique quality and design, which became a classic.

These tarpaulin boots offer a unique combination of old school and modern comfort. By replacing the nail sole with a more modern one, the boots have become more comfortable, while maintaining their distinctive design and high quality. They are a legend of their time, providing reliable protection and style for those who value history and comfort.

Each pair of tarpaulin boots in our collection represents a unique combination of tradition and modernity. They're ideal for those looking for rugged footwear with heritage without sacrificing comfort. Choose style, choose comfort - choose tarpaulin boots that reflect your personality and timeless taste."

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