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Soviet Boots

Mink Oil 100% Handmade by Soviet Boots Brand 100ml Shoe Care Polishing

Mink Oil 100% Handmade by Soviet Boots Brand 100ml Shoe Care Polishing

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Mink Oil 'Soviet Boots' for your boots care

100% handmade

100% natural product

Made by Soviet Boots brand (Ukraine)

Capacity: 100ml

Price for 1 psc.

Worldwide shipping: $10

Welcome to the world of unique boot care with Soviet Boots' Mink Oil! Our Mink Oil isn't just a regular shoe oil; it's a true luxury product designed specifically for enthusiasts of style and history of Soviet boots.

Product Features:

Branded Oil: This oil is developed and produced under the brand, inspired by the style of Soviet boots.
Handmade Craftsmanship: Each jar of Mink Oil is handcrafted in the villages of Ukraine, imparting a distinct character and the warmth of artisanal work.
Distinctive Design: The black jar, reminiscent of Soviet boots, with vintage design and our store's logo, adds a special charm to your shoe care routine.
Exclusive Product: Mink Oil is available exclusively to visitors of our website,, and our social media followers. This oil is our special gift to you.
Benefits of Mink Oil for Your Boots:

Moisturization and Protection: Our almond oil-based formula provides intensive moisturization, preventing dryness and cracks.
Color Preservation: The oil formula helps maintain the richness of your boots' color, giving them a durable and well-cared-for appearance.
Enhanced Softness: Mink Oil aids in making your boot leather softer and more pliable, ensuring comfort during wear.
Instructions for Use:

Clean the surface of your boots from dirt and dust.
Use the provided brush or a clean cloth to evenly apply the oil to the boot leather.
Allow the oil to absorb for several hours or overnight.
Polish the boots with a clean, dry cloth for a glossy finish.
Enjoy the unique care for your footwear with Soviet Boots' Mink Oil!

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