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Soviet Boots

Jack Yuft Boots 501st Legion Imperial Officer Boots Tie Pilot Star Wars Costume

Jack Yuft Boots 501st Legion Imperial Officer Boots Tie Pilot Star Wars Costume

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Vintage Soviet Russian general yuft jack boots

Made in USSR

Material: 100% Leather

Soles: Rubber micropore

This is high quality general boots, boots has thickest leather and soles

40-43 sizes $69.98 44 size $79.98 45 size $89.98 46 size $99.98

47 size $99.98

Please don't forget choose your size!

"Immerse yourself in style and luxury with our collection of Yuft Soviet Officer Horse Boots, crafted from thick leather and thick soles for a brutal look. Designed specifically for military re-enactments and Star Wars 501st cosplay enthusiasts, these unique Yuft boots with micropore soles are inspired by officer design and become an essential accessory for participants in historical re-enactments, as well as fans of characters such as Darth Vader, Imperial Fighter Pilot, Jode Robe and Admiral Kendal Ozzel.

Durable and elegant, Yuft boots are made from thick leather and thick soles to add an authentic, rugged look to your look. These Yuft boots are becoming a staple in the wardrobes of Star Wars re-enactors and fans alike, with attention to detail and style.

Be sure of comfort throughout the entire time you wear it - Yuft boots will give you an unrivaled experience. They are also ideal for equestrians, providing support and comfort while riding. Show off your style and personality by choosing Yuft Soviet Officer Horse Boots for a unique look. Place your order now and enjoy brutal charm in every movement!"

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