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Soviet Boots

501st Legion Tie Pilot Imperial Officer Jedi Robe Star Wars Boots Vader's Fist

501st Legion Tie Pilot Imperial Officer Jedi Robe Star Wars Boots Vader's Fist

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Special boots for 501st Legion

Material: 100% leather

Standart height with heel: 41cm (16.1 inches)

Standart calf circumference on the top: 43cm (16.9 inches)

If you need wide model please write your dimensions, and we make boots for your individual order!

Please don't forget choose your size!

Handling time around 2-3 weeks!

Worldwide shipping: $35

"Welcome to the world of custom 501st Legion Star Wars Cosplay Boots! Our boots are custom-made for each customer, and we are especially proud to be able to provide custom sizes for those with wide calves, which makes them unavailable in regular stores. We are confident that Everyone deserves shoes that perfectly suit their needs and style.

Our custom made boots are designed for 501st Legion Star Wars cosplay enthusiasts, providing outstanding fit and comfort. They are especially suitable for those creating the Darth Vader, imperial fighter pilot, Jedi Robe and Admiral Kendal Ozzel costumes. Unique details and quality materials make our boots an integral part of your cosplay looks.

We guarantee that our custom boots will meet your exact requirements, especially the size and shape of your calves. No matter what Star Wars character you're designing for, we work to ensure your boots are perfect. Order your custom boots now and make your cosplay dreams come true!"

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