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Soviet Boots

Soviet Russian Hammer and Sickle Sneakers

Soviet Russian Hammer and Sickle Sneakers

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Soviet Russian Sickle and Hammer sneakers

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Step back in time with our stylish sneakers featuring iconic Soviet symbols. Crafted from high-quality canvas and durable rubber, these shoes not only exude retro charm but also offer lasting comfort and support. While the production and transportation costs are higher, reflecting in a slightly higher price, we assure you of a worthwhile investment in both style and quality. Thank you for your understanding; we're confident you'll enjoy a seamless shopping experience with us.


Dear valued customer, our sneakers boast premium craftsmanship using top-notch canvas and rubber materials, which contributes to their slightly elevated price point. We appreciate your understanding and anticipate your satisfaction with the exceptional quality of our products.
Delivery time for our shoes may take approximately 5 days as they undergo meticulous production processes. Rest assured, we'll promptly arrange delivery once your order is placed.

Ensuring the perfect fit is crucial. Please refer to our store's size chart before making a purchase and select the appropriate size based on the provided data. For female customers, kindly remember to convert your usual shoe size accordingly.
To ensure precise sizing, we recommend measuring your foot length using a measuring tool. This way, you can confidently select the most accurate size for your comfort.
If you're delighted with your purchase, we kindly ask you to bookmark our store and share your positive experience with friends and family. Your support means the world to us, and we wish you all the best.

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