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Soviet Boots

Soviet ARMY Classic Boots 38-47

Soviet ARMY Classic Boots 38-47

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Vintage Soviet Russian classic soldier boots with straps inside for breeches.

This is highest quality soldier boots from authentic old army stock.

Sizes: 38-47

Made in USSR

Year: 1970-80s

Condition: New

Worldwide shipping: $35

Canvas Boots Army Version: An Outstanding Model for the Military Field
Boots Designed for the Military, Worn with Pride
The Army Version tarpaulin boot model is a unique offering, specially created for military use, distinguished by functional details and features. These boots not only serve as an important element in the army wardrobe, but also differ from their civilian counterparts in a number of characteristics.

Army Version Features:
Inner breeches straps: Provide comfort and support in the field.
Sewn squares on the top of the boot: Externally, these squares distinguish these boots from civilian boots, the squares are the seams that are sewn to the straps inside the boot
Slightly Longer: Suitable for those looking for boots a little longer than standard, ideal for military reenactments or creating the look of knee-length boots.
Unique Soldier Numbers: Embossed into the leather on the back to highlight military purpose and individuality.
Reliability and Convenience in a Moment:
Army Version boots offer the durability and comfort required in a military context. Their length and design make them an ideal choice for military reenactments and those who prefer long knee-high boots.

Military Aesthetics:
These boots not only serve a military purpose, but also have an aesthetic that emphasizes their military heritage. Unique numbers on the leather add personality and make each pair unique.

If you're looking for a boot that combines functionality, style and military authenticity, the Army Version is your choice.

Choose your pair of Army Version boots and feel strength and comfort every step of the way.

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