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Soviet Boots

Emergency Shoe Repair Kit Vintage Soviet-style

Emergency Shoe Repair Kit Vintage Soviet-style

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Introducing our Vintage Soviet-style Emergency Shoe Repair Kit.

Condition: New

Made in Ukraine

Worldwide shipping: $20

Immerse yourself in the Soviet era as you revive your footwear with this unique set. The kit includes:

Footwear Adhesive "Nairit" (50ml): A reliable adhesive for repairing various types of shoes.
Footwear Adhesive "Dismokol" (50ml): Another high-quality adhesive to ensure a strong and lasting repair.
Waxed Sewing Threads in Various Colors (3 spools): Durable threads for stitching the soles, adding a touch of style to your repairs.
Sole Sewing Awl (1 piece): A specialized tool for stitching the sole of your shoes securely.
Upper Shoe Darning Awl (1 piece): Ideal for darning and repairing the upper part of your shoes.
Brush (1 piece): A handy brush for cleaning and applying adhesive precisely.
Abrasive Paper for Smoothing (1 piece): Ensures a smooth finish for your shoe repairs.
User Manual: Comprehensive instructions to guide you through the repair process.
Bring back the charm of the Soviet era with this Vintage Emergency Shoe Repair Kit. Revitalize your footwear and experience the nostalgia of a bygone time.

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