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Soviet Boots

RUST REMOVER for Old Boots and Military Reenacting Metal Equipment

RUST REMOVER for Old Boots and Military Reenacting Metal Equipment

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Rust Remover for Soviet Boots and Military reenacting Reconnaissance Equipment

Capacity: 50gr

Made in Russia

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At times, Soviet military boots has rustmetal holes for laces and loops after long time sorage in stock and gear for military reenactment , including helmets, canteens, and belt buckles, may develop rust due to prolonged storage in warehouses. This issue can be easily addressed with our specialized product:

Anti-Corrosion/Rust Remover KPPS SUPER is a professional solution for instantly cleaning surfaces and components of military gear from resilient corrosion products. The precisely calculated addition of zinc salts enhances its activity as a protector, providing additional defense. Effectively dissolves stubborn rust deposits up to 3mm thick. Rust dissolution time is no more than 20 minutes. The fine-dispersed components of Anti-Corrosion KPPS Super with zinc penetrate deep beneath the damage layer, dissolving rust. The selected composition allows tackling corrosion damage in a matter of minutes. Economical consumption. Rust Remover KPPS Super allows removing persistent damage without resorting to mechanical cleaning. It helps clean rust from military gear components like helmets, canteens, belt buckles, and more. After treatment, neutralize the surface with solvent 646 and apply a paint coating.

To activate, apply the remover to the affected surface after removing loose rust. Wait for 20 minutes, then rinse with water followed by a cloth soaked in solvent, ensuring a thoroughly dried surface.

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