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Soviet Boots

RARE ROMNI 1989 Afghanistan Tactical Combat Boots 41 USSR

RARE ROMNI 1989 Afghanistan Tactical Combat Boots 41 USSR

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Rare Soviet Russian Afghan soldier combat boots ROMNI highest leather quality!
Factory: Romni
Ghost year: 1989
Year: 1994
Material: 100% Yuft leather
Condition: New
Size: Rus 41/US 9/EU 42/UK 8
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"Immerse yourself in history with the Tactical Combat Boots, boots popularized during the Soviet Army's Afghan War in the 1980s. While they are now considered rare collector's items, our store offers you the opportunity to own these unique boots, adding a brutal, rugged look to your look. authenticity.

Tactical Combat Boots are ideal for re-creating the look of the Afghan War, especially for creating the M88 model suit. Not only do they add historical accuracy to your look, but they also show respect for your military heritage.

These boots are also great for outdoor activities such as paintball and airsoft. Providing reliable protection and comfort in extreme conditions, they allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience. In addition, these boots will become a stylish and unique element of your everyday wardrobe. In Western countries and America you will not find similar boots, which makes your style truly Russian and brutal.

Don't miss the chance to purchase Tactical Combat Boots right now and highlight your individuality in any situation!"

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