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Leather Repair Putty for restore leather demages

Leather Repair Putty for restore leather demages

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Leather Repair Putty for restore leather demages

Color: Black

Capacity: 25gr

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Leather Repair Putty is a high-quality repair compound designed for the effective restoration of severe damages on leather and leather substitutes. It is ideal for addressing various issues, including but not limited to:

Small leather tears
Leather cuts
Burns on leather
Deep, rough scratches on leather
Coarse abrasions with peeling
Delamination of the top layer on leather substitutes.
This putty is widely used for restoring leather goods and leather substitutes, both in home settings and in workshops specializing in leather repair and refinishing. Once cured, it forms a flexible, waterproof layer that closely resembles leather, ensuring durability and excellent adhesion to the damaged area's edges.

Usage Instructions:

Apply the leather repair putty layer by layer using a toothpick, mini spatula, or brush for a systematic restoration.
Each layer dries within 2 hours, with minimal shrinkage.
For significant damages, apply additional layers as needed until the complete restoration of the affected area.
Strive to maintain an even level with the surrounding surface.
If any raised bumps appear after the putty has cured, use sandpaper to level them before applying paint or finishing.

Effectively repairs a wide range of leather damages.
Forms a flexible and waterproof monolithic layer.
Resists cracking during bends and exhibits superior adhesion.
Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional leather repair workshops.
Revitalize your leather items with confidence using Leather Repair Putty, the go-to solution for tackling extensive leather damage.

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