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Soviet Boots

Glue 88 For Boots Repair Restore USSR Professional Standart

Glue 88 For Boots Repair Restore USSR Professional Standart

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Glue 88 for boots repair

Professional glue, standart from USSR

Condition: New

Made in Ukraine (USSR high quality standart

Capacity: 40ml

For boots, metal, rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics, leather, fabric, and more.

Introducing Glue 88 - a piece of Soviet history that still stands strong in the realm of adhesives. Born in the Soviet Union, this remarkable glue was developed with precision and expertise, and remarkably, it continues to be produced according to the GOST (state standard) on select factories. Though it's become a rarity, its unique formulation and legendary status make it a prized find.

Soviet Legacy:
In the heart of the Soviet era, Glue 88 was the adhesive of choice for craftsmen and cobblers. Its reputation for durability and versatility made it an essential tool in repairing iconic Soviet boots. Shoemakers across the nation trusted Glue 88 to mend the soles of the sturdy Soviet footwear, leaving an indelible mark on the glue's legacy.

Time-Tested Performance:
Today, Glue 88 remains a symbol of quality and resilience. Ideal for repairing your vintage Soviet boots, this contact adhesive comes in a convenient 40ml size. Its universal nature makes it perfect for a variety of creative projects and repairs. Unleash its bonding power on metal, rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics, leather, fabric, and more.

Key Features:

Glue 88: Universal 40ml Contact Adhesive
Ideal for Repairing Soviet Boots, Artistic Projects, and Various Materials
Exceptional Bonding for Metal, Rubber, Wood, Plastic, Ceramics, Leather, Fabric, and More
Rediscover the unparalleled quality and historical significance of Glue 88 as you embark on your creative ventures or revive those classic Soviet boots with this versatile adhesive. Don't miss the chance to experience the timeless craftsmanship of this Soviet-era glue!

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