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German Army Boot Cleaning and Polishing Kit "Bundeswehr" NATO

German Army Boot Cleaning and Polishing Kit "Bundeswehr" NATO

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Introducing the German Army Boot Cleaning and Polishing Kit "Bundeswehr" available for purchase. Germany, a NATO ally, equips its forces with this kit and extends support to Ukrainian soldiers. The compact bag, measuring 16x14x4 cm, contains a comprehensive set of tools for maintaining footwear and clothing.

Made in Germany

Condition: New

Worldwide shipping: $20

Inside the kit, you'll find:

Two Shoe Brushes: Designed for effective and thorough cleaning, these brushes ensure your boots stay in top condition.

Two Brushes for Footwear or Clothing: Versatile brushes suitable for both footwear and clothing, allowing you to maintain a polished appearance.

Heel Cap: Facilitates the smooth and efficient process of putting on your boots, ensuring they are worn comfortably.

Two Creams: Specially formulated creams to nourish and protect your boots, extending their lifespan and maintaining a professional appearance.

This German Army Boot Cleaning Kit reflects the commitment to quality and functionality that Germany provides to its armed forces and NATO partners. Elevate your footwear care routine with this comprehensive set, designed for durability and precision.

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