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Soviet Boots

East German Officer Riding Boots 46 GDR Germany Leather

East German Officer Riding Boots 46 GDR Germany Leather

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Vintage Soviet East German officer riding boots

This pair boots has very beautiful and soft leather, high quality leather and pleasant to the touch!

Very rare item and rare big size!

Material: 100% Leather

Year: 1980s

Made in GDR

Size: 46/US 13.5/UK 12

Condition: New

Unique boots from East Germany GDR 1980 for true connoisseurs and collectors
Rare Find: Officer's Boots Created in Collaboration with the Soviet Union
Welcome to our unique online store where you can purchase exclusive boots from East Germany GDR 1980 - historically valuable items for true connoisseurs. Originally designed for officers and riding, these boots are a unique collector's item.

Features of unique boots:
Rare: Only one pair of these boots are available, making them truly unique on the market.
Large size 46: Suitable for those looking for a rare large size made to the standards of the time.
Fine Soft Leather: High quality leather gives the boots a unique comfort and sophisticated look.
History of creation:
In the period after World War II, the Soviet Union provided support to East Germany, including in the production of military shoes. These boots involuntarily resemble Soviet officer models, due to their similar style and high quality.

Use of boots in our time:
Today, these unique boots can be a great addition to your style and are suitable for a variety of purposes:

Equestrian Sports: An ideal choice for horse riding enthusiasts.
Military Reenactments: Let yourself be immersed in history with these authentic boots.
Cosplay Costumes: The perfect accessory for creating images of famous characters such as Darth Vader, Jedi Robe, and many others from the Star Wars 501 Legion universe.
Don't miss your opportunity to purchase this unique piece of history! Only one size 46 available. Order now and add a unique touch to your collection.

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