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Soviet Boots

Boots Mat Rubber Shoes Care Home

Boots Mat Rubber Shoes Care Home

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Mats for boots in home

Mterail: Rubber

For 3 pairs of shoes: 730 x 370 mm
For 2 pairs of shoes: 500 x 380 mm

Condition new

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Elevate your shoe care routine with our range of premium rubber shoe mats – the ultimate defense against moisture, salts, and outdoor elements! Crafted from thermoplastic elastomers, these mats are not only highly effective but also incredibly lightweight and easy to clean.

Key Features:

Protection Beyond Boundaries:
Shield your home surfaces from the damaging effects of moisture, salts, and more with our specially designed rubber shoe mats. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these mats are your first line of defense against the elements.

Quality Material:
Manufactured from high-quality thermoplastic elastomers, our shoe mats boast durability and resilience. The material's flexibility ensures a snug fit for your footwear, preventing any potential damage to your floors.

Easy Maintenance:
Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free cleaning. Our rubber shoe mats are designed for easy maintenance – simply wipe or rinse them off, and they're ready to protect your space once again.

Versatile Sizing Options:
Available in two sizes to accommodate your needs:

For 3 pairs of shoes: 730 x 370 mm
For 2 pairs of shoes: 500 x 380 mm

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